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The 30 Best Foods for Healthy Teeth and Gums

By nano-b 🍴 No matter how strict your oral hygiene routine, if you don’t watch your diet you are still putting your oral health at risk. Check out the best foods for healthy teeth and gums! The Oral Surgery DC Team The Surprise Path to Perfect Teeth Teeth are important! No wonder most of us take […]

Recovery After Oral Surgery

By Shawn Watson, Verywell 💊 Always follow the post-operative instructions of your dentist for your optimum recovery. The Oral Surgery DC Team Recovery should be your number one concern after oral surgery. Always follow the post-operative instructions provided by your surgeon or dentist to prevent any risk of infection or trauma to the surgical site. Follow these […]

Dentists use computers to make dental implants

By WNDU  Technology has even invaded the dental industry. One of its advantages is the creation of dental implants. Read to learn more! The Oral Surgery DC When traditional dentistry and reconstruction failed, some people went high-tech. It’s the stuff of science fiction, now showing up in dental offices. Dentists and prosthodontists are using computers […]

How to Properly Brush your Teeth

By nano-b Simply brushing your teeth is not enough. Include these PROPER techniques in your habit. The Oral Surgery DC It seems incredible how universal the habit of teeth brushing is all over the world. It might very well be the most widely practiced health habit people do on a daily basis. This fact left us […]

New Implant Advancement Hopes to Lower Risk of Infection

By: KU Leuven, Oral Health Group 😀 New research has developed a dental implant that can gradually release drugs from a built-in reservoir which helps prevent and fight infections: Visit our website to learn more about dental implants: http://buff.ly/2eYfjKE. The Oral Surgery DC Team A multidisciplinary team of researchers at KU Leuven (University of Leuven, Belgium) has developed […]