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Mystery Solved: The Story on Canker Sores

    Anyone who’s ever had mouth sores can attest to the fact that they are just as embarrassing as they are painful, but simply suffering through them does you no good. Get the facts on this common problem to take control of the situation before another outbreak. The Oral Surgery DC Team   Canker […]

How Safe Are Dental X-Rays?

  By: 123Dentist   🙂As long as dental x-rays are used properly together with necessary safety precautions, its effect is extremely safe. Discuss the use of this device with your dentist so he can evaluate the factors if you need one. The Oral Surgery DC Team   Dental x-rays are a common diagnostic procedure that […]

How Stress Might Be Ruining Your Teeth

  By: Kelsey Lindsey, Washingtonian   You may know that stress can cause upset stomachs and headaches, but did you know it can cause tooth decay? Here’s what to know and what you can do to protect your smile. The Oral Surgery DC Team Backaches, sleepless nights, upset stomach. Just reading about the physical manifestations […]

Advances in Dental Care: What’s New at the Dentist

  By: WebMD   😃 With technological advancement, tooth restoration was made easy. Thanks to these modern tools used in dental practices today, there are a lot of good options to keep our teeth beautiful. Check them out! The Oral Surgery DC Team   Are you behind on your dental visits, and now you’re being driven in […]

8 Natural Ways to Freshen Your Breath

  By: Zoe Blarowski, Care2 Healthy Living   Say ahhh! It’s National Fresh Breath Day! Check out 8 natural ways to freshen your breath. 😁 The Oral Surgery DC Team   Bad breath happens to nearly all of us at some time. It’s embarrassing and can impact your work, social and intimate life. Luckily, bad breath […]

A Guide to Common Dental Problems

By: Sally Solo, Real Simple 😄 Keep this guide to common dental problems handy so you’ll achieve the perfect smile everybody would want to see! The Oral Surgery DC Team Problem: Tooth Decay Also known as dental caries or cavities, tooth decay occurs when plaque, a sticky film of bacteria that forms when you eat sugars […]

Paresthesia (nerve damage) after wisdom tooth removal or injection. Causes | Duration | Treatment

By: Animated-Teeth.com   😱 Have you heard about Dental Paresthesia? Discover its signs, symptoms, causes, and treatment before you’re at risk! The Oral Surgery DC Team   What is paresthesia? Dental paresthesia is a possible postoperative complication associated with the removal of teeth (most frequently lower wisdom teeth), or in some cases receiving a dental injection. […]