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Needle Phobia and Fainting

  By: Dental Fear Central   😱 Do you feel anxious at the sight of needles? There is something you can do and your dentists can help you, too! The Oral Surgery DC Team   “I faint at the sight of needles.” If you faint at the sight of needles, you may have what is called […]

How Safe Are Dental X-Rays?

By: 123 Dentist   🙂 As long as dental x-rays are used properly together with necessary safety precautions, its effect is extremely safe. Discuss the use of this device with your dentist so he can evaluate the factors if you need one. The Oral Surgery DC Team   Dental x-rays are a common diagnostic procedure that […]

Top 3 Reasons for Kids Dental Surgery

By: Main Street Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics Dentist   👩‍👧  Even children are not free from dental surgery if their oral hygiene is neglected. Guide them to a healthy oral routine and this will be avoided. The Oral Surgery DC Team Your child’s dental health is determined by their dental habits. It’s important for kids to […]

Is Dental Sedation Safe For Kids?

By: Jenny Green, Colgate   👩‍👧  Parents play an important role during the dental sedation procedure. Prepare your child and follow the guidelines to gain positive results. The Oral Surgery DC Team   Safety is parents’ top consideration when it comes to their child receiving dental sedation. Dentists may recommend sedation for long, complex procedures and […]

Complications During and After Surgical Removal of Third Molars

By: Oral Health Group 💉 There are recent studies which identify risk factors during and after removal of third molars. Complications may arise, therefore, thorough planning and surgical skills are very important. The Oral Surgery DC Team   INTRODUCTION Third molar surgery is one of the most common procedures performed in oral and maxillofacial surgery offices.1-6 […]

Recovering from oral surgery

  By: Delta Dental   😁 Let us work together to help you get back to your normal routines after an oral surgery. These tested guidelines will help ease your recovery! The Oral Surgery DC Team   Oral surgery may be required for a variety of reasons. You may have an impacted tooth trapped in the […]