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Do You Know The Importance Of Family Dental Care?

By: Longevity Most of us are well-versed with the fact that dental care is important. But why exactly it is so important, is something which a majority of us are unaware of. Oral health is related to the overall health in more ways than we can imagine. Longevity explains the importance of dental care for […]

What Dental Issues Can Women Face during Pregnancy?

By: Lucy Wyndham, Dental News 🤰 Pregnancy brings about many changes in your body, but one which you may not necessarily expect is a change to your oral health. The American Dental Association recommends that all pregnant women visit their dentist before having a baby, to take care of cavities and any pregnancy-related issues that need attending to. […]

What to know about gargling with salt water

By: Jenna Fletcher, Medical News Today 😷 Sore throats and mouth sores are common conditions that most people experience. 🧂 Do you know that saltwater gargles can be a cheap, safe, and effective way to ease pain and relieve symptoms from conditions that affect the mouth and throat? In this article, Medical News Today discussed what saltwater gargles […]

Oral cancer: What you can do to help end this disease

By: American Dental Association, American Student Dental Association 🦷 The American Cancer Society estimates there will be 53,000 new cases of oral and oropharyngeal cancer in 2019, and the American Dental Association is working to provide members with resources that can help them do their part to fight and end this disease. While April marks […]

What to do for healthy teeth and gums?

By: Jennifer Berry, Medical News Today Good oral hygiene is necessary to keep teeth and gums healthy. But, take note that oral health is more than avoiding cavities and gum disease. Research has shown that there is an association between the health of a person’s mouth and their overall health. Follow these tips from Medical […]

Tooth whitening – don’t gamble with your teeth

By: Damien Walmsley, The Conversation Are you one of those people who are dissatisfied with the color of our teeth? Have you tried to use some DIY methods and over-the-counter whitening products to whiten your teeth? If so, here are some recommendations from The Conversation to know if it is safe to continue. The Oral Surgery […]

Receding Gums: Are Your Teeth in Peril?

No cavities, no problem, right? Wrong! Even the straightest and whitest of teeth can fall prey to a serious case of receding gums, a common condition that can sneak up and do some damage before many individuals realize it’s even a problem. While a surefire way to detect and treat it is with regular visits […]