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7 Soft Recipe Ideas Dental Patients Often Overlook

  By: Anna Medaris Miller, US News   Distract yourself from pain – and expedite healing – by getting creative in the kitchen. Here are some soft food ideas from USNews! The Oral Surgery DC Team   RX: Soft foods As if getting your wisdom teeth out, your tonsils removed or your mouth otherwise manipulated, injured or […]

When Should I Have my Wisdom Teeth Removed?

By: Consumer Guide to Dentistry    Wisdom teeth removal is a common oral surgery, but as is the case with tonsils, their removal is not always necessary. This begs the obvious question: When should wisdom teeth be removed? Learn more! The Oral Surgery DC Team   Wisdom teeth — also referred to as third molars — are […]

How Seniors Can Prevent Tooth Loss?

By Lucy Wyndham, Dental News   You may have noticed that tooth loss is very common during aging, but are there ways you can do to prevent it? Tips shared by Dental News! The Oral Surgery DC Team   Sadly, about 27% of seniors over the age of 65 have no remaining teeth, as per […]

What to do to keep gums healthy

By: Jenna Fletcher, Medical News Today   Practicing good oral hygiene is the most important action that a person can take to prevent and treat gum disease. Most people tend to overlook their gums when it comes to oral health and focus on getting a bright, white smile instead. However, healthy teeth require healthy gums. […]

Does teething cause a baby to vomit?

  By: Jayne Leonard, Medical News Today   Vomiting and fever may sometimes accompany teething. Teething is a normal part of a child’s development that may cause some discomfort. However, it is unlikely that teething is a direct cause of vomiting. The Medical News Today shares other possible causes of vomiting and discusses how to […]

What Anglo Saxon teeth can tell us about modern health

  By: University of Bradford, Science Daily   Evidence from the teeth of Anglo Saxon children could help identify modern children most at risk from conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Learn more about these critical findings via ScienceDaily. The Oral Surgery DC Team   Researchers from the University of Bradford found that […]

Why is the roof of my mouth swollen?

  By: Jenna Fletcher, Medical News Today   Many conditions may cause a swollen roof of the mouth, including sores, dehydration, and mucus buildups. In this article via Medical News Today, learn about six causes of a swollen roof of the mouth, and possible treatment or home remedies. The Oral Surgery DC Team   The […]